New Life House of Prayer Community of Faith - "A Church Where You Can Grow, A Safe Place"
Sunday Worship Service at 10:30 AM:
Boggy Creek Elementary
810 Florida Parkway, Kissimmee, FL. 34743

New Life Partnership:
If you believe in what we are doing and would like to partner with us, you can give $10 per month or $120 per year. By doing this you will enable us to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. We appreciate all monetary gifts and will send all of our partners a Monthly Partnership Letter explaining what New Life is doing. If you are interested in partnering with us, click on the donate button on our Home Page. 

New Life's P.O. Box information:
P. O. Box 617519
Orlando, FL 32861

2019 -"Year of the Release!"
God is sayings, "2019 will be the year of the release. I will release wealth upon my people. I will release healing, wealth, and a greater measure of my anointing!"



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